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Our company has been delivering mold testing services since 1992. We have conducted testing for mold and fungal growth in tens of thousands of residences and light industrial structures. We have also collected and sent more than 24,000 samples to certified laboratories for analysis.

Our company was established to provide complete and affordable evaluation and inspection services for mold growth and help establish a healthier home. When our certified mold inspectors deliver their services, they enter and investigate all accessible areas, which include crawlspaces and attics.

Years of experience in home inspection and general contracting have given us an exceptional perspective on mold and moisture issues in structures.

Aside from our credentials to back our services, we also have technicians who are professionals and experts in these fields. They are rigidly trained both in-house and in the field.

Our commitment is to respond to service requests within 24 hours so feel free to request a quote via 888-548-5870.

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